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thomas müller   

Thomas Müller und Pep Guardiola probierten sich beim Dosenschießen. [x]

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"[…] When the ball flew over the field for the last time and I finally heard the whistle. A moment you can’t describe with words. A moment of complete joy. You can feel what has just happened but you can’t realize it. The first one I saw was Manu. He had tears in his eyes. Then the look at the stand. The scenery of the fans in Maracanã. Cheers everywhere, joy, the other teammates who ran on the field. The hug with Basti and Thomas. This incredible feeling of gratefullness. We are World Champions!"
- Philipp Lahm about his favourite moment of the World Cup 2014 (54,74,90,14)
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Get well soon. ♥

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Marco & Mario warming up.

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